Psst…Are you clenching your butt muscles?

Are you clenching your butt cheeks right now?  I’ll bet many who are reading this are doing so…and didn’t even realize it!  Those same people might also be clenching their jaw a bit, tightening up their stomach muscles…and maybe even holding the breath randomly!

So many folks are walking around with the weight of the world on their shoulders, a cacophony of busy thoughts in their minds, and a total lack of awareness of how that stress is manifesting itself in their bodies.  It might start as a simple lack of awareness, but by holding onto all of that tightness in the body over time will lead to chronic stiffness, which will lead to a lack of mobility, which will inevitably lead to chronic pain (and a whole host of other issues!)

START MOVING…TODAY!  Breathe…move…stretch a bit…STRETCH A LOT!  Begin to practice (and it will take a LOT of practice) the simple act of tuning in to what your body is doing at various times of the day…and then do more than just taking note (“huh, yep!  My butt IS clenched!”) ~ do what you can to change it!  Get up…move for a few minutes.  Try to work on NOT gritting your teeth when you are tense, pissed, unable to speak your mind, whatever.  And then GO FOR A WALK…or, DO SOME SIMPLE STRETCHES…or, PRACTICE CONSCIOUS BREATHING!

Take one day at a time, but begin to build your awareness so that it becomes effortless, and so that you can greatly lower the stress levels in your life, which will ultimately lead to a better, healthier body!  You can do it!  Let that butt-clenching go!


~ by indigogrrrl on May 17, 2010.

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